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Ponuka služieb

Choose a course appropriate for you:
driving license
Refresher lessons

Refresher lessons are right for you if:
- you already have a driving licence but have not driven for some time and want to update your driving skills
- you hold a licence from another country and want to familiarize yourself with driving in Slovakia
- you lack confidence in your driving,
- the type of driving you need to do has changed
 (moved to a busier area, and so on)

We drive 90 minute lessons. Number of lessons depends on you and your skills and can be planned individually.
We drive Hyundai ix20 a Toyota Yaris.
Standard course B

It’s a group course for a B group driving license (passenger cars).

Theory classes are held either online or in person in our classroom, depending on a current situation. They are usually, but not limited to, planned in the evenings.

Practical driving lessons are scheduled individually one-on-one Monday to Friday from 7:00 until 17:30.

At this moment it takes about 4-6 months to finish the training, depending mostly on student’s availability and number of students in a group.

Individual course B PLUS

We offer individual courses to students who need to get their driving license faster.

At this moment, due to a very high demand, individual course takes approximately 3 months to finish.

All theory classes and practical driving lessons are scheduled individually.  

Application for a driving license (only in Slovak)
(It must be printed two-sided on one list of an A4 paper).

Please fill in a contact form
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